PRESS RELEASE – London, Suzhou, October 2016

TRIDUCTOR announces its latest solutions to offer the Best xDSL & WiFi Combination for Broadband CPEs.

TRIDUCTOR Inc. announces the introduction of its WiFi chipsets Roadmap and new WiFi algorithms aimed at complementing the existing xDSL and PLC product lines. The combined Roadmap for xDSL solutions and WiFi solutions will allow for the most efficient, performing, and cost effective hardware for xDSL CPEs to be easily designed and implemented.

TR5102, single band 2.4GHz 802.11a/b/g/n, and TR5110, dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, WiFi chipsets are already available Today, together with a dedicated Power Amplifier at 5GHz (TR5901). Algorithms have been implemented for air interface coverage optmisation, transmission power control, control of smart antenna configurations, enhance anti-interference capacity, service scheduling and congestion control, automatic rate adjustment.

Extensive Research and Development activity has been conducted to guarantee High Performance at Low Cost, Low Power Consumption, Fast Development, High Reliability, and Value added Solutions based on efficient drivers and firmware. OEM and third-party applications support has been optimised providing a secure framework for the development of customized products and the implementation of customized functionalities. The available reference designs allows CPE manufacturers to explore, prototype, industrialize, and commercialize products designed using solutions based on Triductor’s roadmap in a very fast and efficient way.

Triductor’s vision and basic belief is explained by its co-founder and CEO, Dr. Tan Yaolong: “We are pleased to introduce the integrated xDSL and WiFi solutions to help enable best-in-class advanced connectivity solutions and services in upcoming CPE designs. Copper and xDSL connectivity will last for many years due to its very low CAPEX. On the other hand, broadband connectivity requires the optimal integration between communication over existing copper wires, which are goinG.FASTer and faster with new enabling technologies, and WiFi, which is more and more perceived by customers as the critical link in their experience. This is the reason why we decided to invest directly into providing the best combination of xDSL and WiFi in terms of performance and cost. We believe in the value of convenient broadband communication and we are committed to producing next-generation ultra-high-broadband copper access technologies“.

About Triductor Technology Inc.

Triductor Inc. is a fabless chipset company for broadband access and smart home connectivity. As a semiconductor company, Triductor Inc. designs mixed-signal integrated circuits and related hardware and software applications including xDSL/G.Fast,, and WiFi products.

Established in 2005 in Silicon Valley and later expanding its operations to Asia, Triductor Inc. invested heavily in copper wire access technologies and is dedicated to boosting the copper wire ecosystem, to maximize carriers’ investment return on copper wire infrastructure and to help OEM/ODM/Brand partners to improve their time-to-the-market and the cost effectiveness of their products.

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