Triductor Launches the 3rd Generation VDSL2 Solutions: VSPM300/310 -- VDSL2 CPE SoC Processors
Suzhou, China – January, 12th, 2014 – Triductor Technology, Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor provider in China with advanced technology in broadband access networking, today introduced its 3nd generation VDSL2 CPE SoC processors (G3).

The G3 is a series of xDSL CPE processors,devided into VSPM300, VSPM310 and VSPM340(plan to launch in April), with enhanced function & performance successively. The G3(VSPM3XX) family offers a cost-effective full performance DSL entry level IAD/Gateway/Router solution. It targets entry level full performance Broadband Home Gateway. It comes with a variety of hardware interfaces and a comprehensive software package.

VSPM300 is for Low-Middle End residential gateways solution that provides high transmission performance at low BOM cost. It integrates FE PHY for user access, provides GE interface and DSL interface for supports double uplinks.

VSPM310 is pin-to-pin compatible with VSPM300, and build in VOIP function, which can supports 4 ports for voice SLIC by PCM interface.

Triductor has always been committed to the advanced broadband access and intelligent digital home communication technology. As a fabless semiconductor company, Triductor upholds green ideas to full use of existing network cables, designs mixed-signal integrated circuits with related hardware and software application, and provide high performance, low cost products and total solutions.