Triductor’s VDSL2 technology drives future growth of broadband access worldwide


Triductor’s VDSL2 technology drives future growth of broadbandaccess worldwide

VSPM3XX Series unveiled at the Broadband World Forum2014 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 20 October 2014

With tomorrow’s introduction of the new VSPM3xx seriesat the Broadband World Forum 2014 in Amsterdam (“BBWF 2014”), TriductorTechnology is taking a revolutionary step towards the growth of broadbandaccess worldwide. By utilizing the VSPM3XX Series VDSL2 vectoring solution inthe field, carriers can substantially reduce crosstalk noise in the copper wireinfrastructure and deliver hundreds of Mbps of data service to customers at an incrediblylow cost. For Triductor, a leading provider of chipset solutions for broadbandaccess and smart home connectivity, the VSPM3XX series is the beginning of theirproduct roadmap. They will launch their G.FAST product series next year. Triductor will keep promoting the commercial development of VDSL2 vectoring andG.FAST together with industry partners.

At BBWF 2014 Triductor Technology willdemonstrate its CPE VDSL2 product family. The VSPM3XX series includesentry-level VSPM300, mid-level VSPM310 and high-level VSPM340 which differ infeatures such as CPU core speed, VoIP, Ethernet interface, USB acceleration andWiFi acceleration. This well-defined product mix offers partners extraordinaryflexibility to apply desired solutions for their VDSL2 gateway products basedon the different cost and feature requirements of carriers, and, hence increasestheir ARPU greatly. Triductor also demonstrated its first CPE DeviceSolution – SSC1660. The company has already set its eyes on the huge smart homemarket by supplying power line communication products.

Boosting copper

Triductor’s vision and basic belief isexplained by its co-founder and CEO, Dr. Tan Yaolong: “All men should have thefreedom of convenient and high-speed digital communication at an affordablecost. Fortunately, people are continuing to develop advanced data and voicecommunication technologies for existing copper wires. The question is, since wehave existing copper wires, which are goinG.FASTer and faster with new enablingtechnologies, why should people put in huge amounts of investment and effort onquickly rolling out the installment of fibre? CAPEX for FTTC+VDSL2 is onlyabout 30% of FTTH. The percentage is even much more astonishing in Europe where labour costsare more than in other areas of the world. All in all, we focus on VDSL2vectoring/bonding and its follow-up technologies such as G.FAST; we believe inthe value of convenient and high-speed communication; we are committed to producingnext-generation ultra-high-broadband copper access technologies.“

Product roadmap

The industry keeps squeezing more bandwidthfrom copper wire. The VSPM3XX series is the beginning of Triductor’s productroadmap and the company will launch the G.FAST product series next year. TanYaolong explains: “We are delighted to learn that there is a lot of interestfrom many participants and they made a lot of enquiries about our products andsolutions. All in all, they share the same belief as we do in a future forcopper access.” In addition, at the next BBWF, Triductor will debut their AV dual-mode chipset solution, which will also be the firstdual-mode PLC device in the industry. Carriers will not need to worry aboutwhich standard is running underneath the power outlet and whether or not it is compatiblewith existing Homeplug devices.

Strategic partner

Triductor also revealed that many equipmentmanufacturers and carriers have selected Triductor as their strategic partnerand have deployed VDSL access service based on Triductor’s technology. “Triductor’sVSPM 3xx Series solutions enable us to provide reliable and well-performedVDSL2 platform boxes for our customers. Actually, they impressed us both in theproduct development process and the technical support stage,” said the Directorof Access Device Product Domain, A Company. The Director of B Company shared the same opinion: “We have gained our competitiveadvantage, in Asia-Pacific and South America, thanks to Triductor’scost-effective VDSL2 solutions and quick response.”

About Triductor Technology

Triductor Technology is a leading provider of chipset solutions forbroadband access and smart home connectivity. As a semiconductor company,Triductor Technology designs mixed-signal integrated circuits and relatedhardware and software applications including xDSL and products. Established in 2005 in Silicon Valley and later expanding its operationsto Asia, Triductor Technology invested heavily in copper wire accesstechnologies and is dedicated to boosting the copper wire eco-system, to maximizecarriers’ investment return on copper wire infrastructure and to helpOEM/ODM/Brand partners to improve time-to-the-market.