Triductor, first time show face in Amsterdam and Las Vegas

The thirteenth Global Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam of Holland was held from 22-24, 2013 October. The three days conference and exhibition, ushered in nearly 500 operators worldwide, more than 200 telecommunications equipment sponsors, exhibitors and nearly 10,000 professionals.

It was the first time for Triductor to participate in this global forum and exhibition, showing in Triductor booth a pretty number of customer developed product and solutions based on Triductor G2 VDSL chipset such as VDSL Bridge, VDSL Router and etc. which achieved a variety of commercial shipments for the telecommunication industry and proved carrier-grade commercial properties. Also in the forum we present quite many different industrial customers references which use our G2 VDSL chip to develop a kind of point to point data, audio and video transmission via Ethernet extenders such as telephone lines for transmission of different types of industry applications, which reflects the core value of our G2 chipset for different industry applications.

Meanwhile, we were actively participating and engaging in the forum a series of standards and applications discussions and deeply involving the relevant standardization work. To show the latest technology product, to participate in the discussion of trends in the evolution of broadband, to involve in the development of global broadband specification, all those activities mean that Triductor as a chipset designer has been playing one of the most important global role in broadband industry value chain.