How is new DSL technology impacting the way we live and work?

In CeBIT Australia 5th - 7th May 2014 in Sydney Olympic Park, with over 450 exhibitors around the world and over 30,000 people visiting, Triductor took an active part in this huge technology exhibition by showcase the latest and innovative DSL technology to the people.

Near thousand visitors and professionals visited Triductor booth. Attracting by the VDSL chipsets and modems, raising questions and looking for potential collaboration possibilities, people was really interesting in what Triductor was showing in the exhibition.

How to reutilize the existing copper line infrastructure for the booming Internet broadband access?
How to enhance the bandwidth and to have the home gateway more intelligent?
How to have the home electronic machines seamlessly connected to internet with best use experiences?

All these questions and uncertainties got answered at Triductor’s showcase stand.

VDSL2 with vectoring technology will enhance your copper line bandwidth to over 100 Mbit/s.

New G.FAST standardization will make the copper line more fast speed and fiber-like broadband accessing capability.

A powerful 900M dual-core CPU will enable home Gateway more intelligent and android enabled.

With technology, that gives the opportunity to spread the internet access to home power-line and to realize a smart home more easily and economically.

By this forefront exhibition, people can see how Triductor’s innovative technology impacting the way people live and work, a vision Triductor on the way as a new thought leader.