Gigabit-Class Power Line Communication SoC Engine
The best performing communication SoC platform for today’s smart grid broadband access solution

Our Gigabit-Class Power Line Communication SoC Engine SSC series can support industry with a wide range of different applications, ranging from home automation to Internet access, from smart grid automation to IoTs.

A number of critical technical problems notably those of spread spectrum radio signals operating in a crowded environment and radio interference for example are solved by SSP series SoC platform. It can support our partners with the most cost efficient product solution.

The product solution can be tailor designed with the application:

  • Narrowband in-house applications where household wiring is used for low bit rate services like home automation and intercoms.
  • Narrowband outdoor applications by the utility companies for automatic meter reading and remote surveillance and control.
  • Broadband In-house mains power wiring for high speed data transmission for home networking.
  • Broadband over Power Line (BPL) for offering up to gigabit broadband internet access.

  • is fully complied by SSC series platform engine.